Appeal to the senses with a bespoke salt cave spa

The incredible healing atmosphere of a salt cave and salt inhalation room has been acknowledged across the globe for centuries. Medieval monks used to take the sick to the local salt caves and let them breathe the salt saturated air. These particles were freshly created by the monks actively crushing the stalactites.

We can provide a specialised salt cave treatment room installation or salt inhalation room (sometimes known as a sea salt spa) for your commercial health spa or home leisure spa.

Bespoke salt rooms can be dry or wet with the room itself being covered in rock salt or tiled. In addition to the mood setting of the environment, tasteless salty air is pumped into the cave using a dry saline diffuser. The finished inhalation room is also kept at a constant temperature and humidity level.


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Salt inhalation benefits:

  • Promotes healthy internal PH
  • Contributes to blood sugar health
  • Supports respiratory health (asthma)

  • Contributes to sinus health
  • Helps prevent muscle cramps
  • Promotes bone strength


Bespoke salt wet room

A bespoke salt wet room is quite similar to a standard steam room with the added addition of salt mixed into the steam. Salt wet rooms have been known to have an equally beneficial effect for some asthma sufferers and certain skin conditions.


3 stage turnkey installation of salt room

Our salt therapy rooms have a 3 stage installation process. Our specialist installation service covers the entire UK.

Stage 1 – 2-4 days

The first stage of the installation includes all preparatory and construction work before the salt is applied to the surfaces. For example: installation of doors, ventilation channels, cables, covering walls and ceiling with dry wood-boards and metal net.

Stage 2 – 4 days

The second stage includes the application of quadruple layers of salt to all the internal surfaces of the spa salt room.

Stage 3 – 1-2 days

The final stage of construction includes the installation of any additional devices and their testing. We will also spend time training staff to maintain the room and operate any devices.


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“Golden Coast Ltd is the Tylo’s Certified Distributor for the UK and Northern Ireland and has had a long standing working relationship with Leisurequip Ltd, spanning a period of some 28 years. In this time with the co-operation Leisurequip Ltd we have established Tylo as the pre-eminent sauna and steam room brand.”
Shaun Adams, Director - Golden Coast