Spa with the gods in our bespoke thermal rooms

Heated thermal treatment rooms come in various forms and their use dates back to Roman times. Generally the thermal spa is made up of a range of treatment rooms that are heated or cooled in different ways and perform various different functions. Leisurequip can design and build a whole range of thermal spa treatment rooms with every construction having of the highest level of professionalism and attention to details.

Our expert team of craftsmen have years of experience and can seamlessly integrate themselves into your architects vision. Whether for home or commercial use we have the design and construction experience to ensure a perfect thermal room every time. Our specialist installation service covers the entire UK. See below for more information on our Laconium, Tepidarium or Caldarium Spa.


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Our range of thermal rooms

Tepidarium spa warm room

tepidarium-warm-roomA Tepidarium is a warm, dry bathroom that is usually part of a Roman bath complex.  A Tepidarium treatment room was typically heated by underfloor heating with modern installations being thermostatically controlled.

Inside the temperature is close to body temperature and a bespoke tiled Tepidarium installation can be enhanced with mood lighting.

Caldarium spa hot room

caldarium-hot-roomOriginally a hot room treatment with plunge bath, modern installations of a Caldarium have heated surfaces (usually a heated floor) that are driven by electric heating units or low pressure hot water (central heating) pipes within the curved benches, backrests and floor.

The radiant heat of a Caldarium treatment room stimulates circulation and regenerates the body’s natural energies. Caldarium’s in health clubs and gyms provide numerous therapeutic benefits – reducing joint pain and muscle aches – and release a purifying sensation.

Laconium spa warm room

laconium spa warm roomIn a Laconium installation the walls, benches and floor are all tiled and thermostatically heated to a temperature of around 65c. It is a warm rather than stiflingly hot steam room and a good place to start your thermal journey.

Our bespoke Laconium spa installation offers a milder alternative to sweat therapy rooms and hot saunas. Typically, you spend 20 minutes in a Laconium followed by a warm steam shower.


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“We highly recommend Leisurequip, we have bought the full Tylo Steam Room range numerous times and would now consider them to be our regular supplier, the prices are very competitive and Kenton is highly knowledgeable in regards to all the products he sells, unlike a lot of other distributors. Delivery is always on time and telephone contact is easy. We are a stone installation company who regularly create Steam Rooms in prestigious locations and cannot take the risk of any equipment being faulty, not arriving on time and not being of the correct specification. Leisurequip have never let us down.”
Bernadette Burke, Company Secretary - MB Stone Installations Ltd.