Exceptional quality Tylo steam room generators designed for long term home and commercial use.

If you’ve already put together your dream steam room or need to replace old steam room generators we have the perfect products for you. We supply & install the full range of Tylo steam generators and accompanying peripherals. All the best Tylo steam generators are suitable for commercial spas and everyday home use.

These steam room generators are sturdy, reliable and can work non-stop with little servicing or maintenance. Designed and built with all the features you’d expect from Tylo. You can control temperature limits, set to standby as well as benefiting from consistent steam levels to ensure the optimum experience is enjoyed.

Tylö Steam VA.

The basics.

VA tylo steam room generators

Tylö Steam VA – Steam Generator

Tylö Steam VA – The VA is one of the best buys around and sits outside the steam room. The exception being that of the tx202/w which is a stand-alone steam shower column. The VA can comfortably heat any home or commercial steam room between 2m cubed to a huge 70m cubed. It also comes with a choice of sizes, wattages and control panels.
  • Effect: 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 kW
  • Dimensions: 570 x 485 x 224 mm
  • Tylö control panel CC300T
  • Fully automatic functioning

Tylo H1 control panel.

The H1 control panel is the latest innovation in sauna and steam room control. It is stunningly designed from both a form an function perspective, is easy to operate and has many control options.


  • Size: 140 x 80 mm
  • Depth 19 mm
  • 24 hour advance
  • Fahrenheit or celsius
  • Multiple languages
  • 12 or 24 hour format
  • Touch control
  • Maximum temperature
  • Lighting control

Model variations.

  • Steam 6 VA – 6 kW output. Size 570 x 485 x 224 mm
  • Steam 9VA-K – 9 kW output. Size 570 x 485 x 224 mm
  • Steam 12 VA – 12 kW output. Size 570 x 485 x 224 mm
  • Steam 18 VA – 18 kW output. Size 615 x 485 x 445 mm
  • Steam 24 VA – 24 kW output. Size 615 x 485 x 445 mm

Tylö Steam VB.

The basics.

VB tylo steam room generators

Dimensions: 445 x 415 x 130 mm

Tylö Steam VB – Is the smallest and cheapest of the tylo steam room steam generator family. It is suggested to use for heating steam rooms from 1.5m cubed to 15m cubed.

It can also be controlled via your Tylo steam generator control panel for that layer of extra convenience. The smaller water tank allows for much quicker heating times than the VA.

  • Switchable 2.2/4.5/6.6 kW
  • Dimensions: 445 x 415 x 130 mm
  • Short heating times
  • Fully automatic functioning

Tylo CC50 control panel.


Like all Tylo control panels the CC50 electronic control panel has a multitude of options. It is programmable for 1, 3, 12 and 24 hours, has lighting control, temperature, security code plus time display.

Additional info.

We supply the entire Tylo range of steam room generators. They are suitable for both home or commercial use. We also supply a Tronic H1 steam room controller for use inside your steam room or the standard H1 controller for outside use.

Tylö Steam PRO.

The basics.

Tylö Steam PRO – With its own has built in control panel, the Pro steam room generators are relatively easy to service, can measure water quality and purge and refill without affecting performance.

tylo-steam-generator-proThe tylo pro steam room generators are for rooms between 6m cubed to a maximum of 30m cubed and available in 9kw or 12kw. It can be wall mounted & comes equipped with the latest H1 Pro control panel.

  • Service friendly
  • Temperature protection
  • Control panel h1 PRO
  • Measuring water quality
  • 9kw or 12kw
  • Purge & refill

Watch the video.

Additional info.

For public use in commercial steam rooms, hotels, spas and alike we have a weekly-timed, programmable CC300 control panel. Located on this page are the tylo brochure downloads and additional product information.

Brochure downloads.


Tylo Steam Generator brochure

For more detailed information on these steam generator products please download the brochure - 1.5mb.


Tylo complete 2015 price list

For detailed information & pricing download the complete Tylo price list brochure - 4.5mb.



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