Square Heated Hammam Table

Deliver professional spa treatments on a bed of luxury marble with this heated hammam table by Fabio Alemanno

Available in a range of unique finishes, this exceptional marble spa table is perfect for delivering luxury spa treatments such as wet massage, hot stone, ayurvedic treatments and general thermotherapy treatments. Designed by Fabio Alemanno, the Square heated hammam table is carved from a single block of marble. The end result is a functional sculpture that is the epitome of spa luxury.
Although similar to the Square Daybed, the Square Hammam Table has a few notable differences. Firstly, this stunning marble spa table has a built-in elevation unit that can elevate the platform from 63cm to 83cm. This is handy for both users and the specialist providing the treatments. Additionally, the Square Hammam table can heat up to a glorious 45°C via the embedded infrared technology.

Square Heated Hammam Table

Technical information for the ‘Square’ marble spa table

Brand Fabio Alemanno Design
Product name Square
Product type Treatment table (wet)
Usage type Commercial
Materials Mixed, Black Marble, Semi-precious Stone, Metal
Available finishes Empire, Noire, Ivoire, Châtain
Typical treatments Thermotherapy, Heated massage, Mud treatments
Infrared Included
Thermostat Digital; IP65 UL-TÜV approved
Power outlet European Bosch standard; IP54
Temperature Up to 45°C
Electrical elevation 66cm to 83cm
Suitability Hammam spa, wellness spa
Notes Also available with equipment for soap brush massages, peelings, hammam, hot stone or ayurvedic treatments. High quality mountings, Extensible shower and rinsing hose

Luxury Infrared Heated Marble Spa Treatment Table

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Product variations for Fabio Alemanno spa products

Skai leather finishes for the headrest

Finishes from left include: Black, Caramel, Grey, Dark Grey, Linen, Indiana, Tobacco and White.

Spa lounger headrest finishes include: Linen, Caramel, Tobacco, Indiana, Grey, Dark Grey, White, Black

Marble finishes for the treatment area

Finishes from left include: Empire, Chatain, Noire, Ivoire and Blanche.

MARBLE finishes from left: Empire, Chatain, Noire, Ivoire, Blance

Metallic lacquer finishes for the base

Finishes from left include: Silver, Sandstone, Moonbeam, Glacier, Chestnut, Dark Brown, Desert Gold and Diamond Black.

Spa lounger headrest finishes include: Silver, Sandstone, Moonbeam, Glacier, Chestnut, Dark, Brown, Desert Gold, Diamond Black

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