Replenish your batteries in these stunning, high quality, glass fronted home saunas from Tylo

Discover the incredible, life enhancing luxury of the Evolve Plus Glass Front home sauna rooms. Easily one of the best traditional saunas for sale on the UK market the Tylo Evolve GF exudes the perfect combination of style and functionality. If you’re looking for a home sauna the Evolve GF is definitely worth considering.

This sauna has been discontinued. Visit the main saunas section for more great wellness solutions.

The Evolve GF has open front aesthetics which mean you benefit from additional communal and spatial benefits on top of the usual optimum sauna benefits. The Tylo Evolve Plus GF comes in 11 different variations and Leisurequip can supply and install any of these home saunas anywhere in the UK and across Europe.

What’s included

Out of the box

Out of the box the Evolve GF has everything you require for traditional home sauna bathing.

  • Thermally-insulated sections
  • Aluminium floor frame
  • Vent and assembly hardware
  • Choice of heaters
  • Towel hook
  • Tylo sauna stones
  • Tylo bucket & ladle
  • Hygrometer / thermometer

The Evolve Glass Front saunas exclusively come with the DGL Plus sauna door which has a ‘no threshold’ option. Evolve saunas can also be supplied with additional aspen benches and backrest.

Easy installation

The Evolve ‘Flex’ system is modular and prefabricated which means installation is a breeze.

Evolve GF home sauna product range info

New advances in traditional saunas for sale and assembly technology such as ‘concealed nailing’ result in seamless panelling both inside and out. The aluminium flooring is adjustable and helps moisture protect the walls.

You also have the added option of choosing between 2 heights or 2100mm or 2010mm. As with the rest of the Evolve range of home saunas for sale the Glass Front (GF) also benefits from horizontal or vertical aspen bench strips. The exclusive DGL Plus clear glass door has a choice of either a spruce or aspen frame.

Size variations

The Tylo Evolve GF comes in 17 different variations and we can supply and install any of these home saunas for sale anywhere in the UK or internationally.


  • 17 models / sizes
  • Glass front options
  • Thermally-insulated sections
  • Spruce or aspen panelling
  • Clear glass sauna door
  • Blonde aspen fittings
  • Aluminium floor frame
  • Benches with backrests
  • Concealed nailing
  • Sauna heater
  • Sauna accessories
  • Sauna lights