Bespoke DIY sauna kits

Let Leisurequip help you design your own sauna and provide you with everything in a DIY kit

We can now design a bespoke sauna for you and dispatch the pre-fabricated parts to you with full support. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast who doesn’t know where to start or an architect with a construction team in place, Leisurequip can design, manufacture and deliver the perfect sauna kit. This is the best of our bespoke sauna service in DIY kit form. Through an extensive consultation and design process we will create a stunning sauna to your exact specifications and costs.

All aspects your DIY sauna kit will be considered and this service is ideal for both home and commercial applications. We will discuss size, design, materials, accessories, ventilation, access, construction, aftercare and more. If you have a fixed budget we will use our extensive knowledge of materials and design to deliver a custom-made sauna kit at a price that’s right. Getting a home-made sauna needn’t be difficult. Let us work with you to deliver your vision—exactly the way you imagined.

Process of our custom-made DIY sauna kit service

38 years experience in every DIY sauna kit

We will consult with you, your architect or construction company on every aspect of your bespoke sauna kit. Our wealth of expertise will ensure no stone is left unturned. Leisurequip will advise on size, design, materials, accessories, ventilation, access, construction, aftercare and much more.

We will even discuss fixtures, fittings and industry standard specialist adhesives. You won’t find this depth of knowledge anywhere else.


We can work with you or your architect

In our decades of being in operation we have custom-designed bespoke sauna kits from 3D models provided by architects and scraps of paper from DIY enthusiasts. Initially if it is an architect’s enquiry there’s usually a primary concept to start from.

We can take the concept and make it a workable DIY sauna kit. If you’ve just got a rough sketch you can upload it to our contact form and we will consult with you and turn it into a workable design.

DIY sauna kit plans

Every component is expertly manufactured

Once we have agreed on a final design and you have paid a deposit our team of expert craftsmen will get to work on your bespoke DIY sauna kit. We wi