Bespoke saunas

Expertly crafted bespoke sauna design for home or commercial uses, traditionally built, and installed to your specifications

Sometimes, a pre-fabricated sauna kit just doesn’t cut it and only a bespoke sauna will do. Your architect may have just designed a modern wellness spa for your new home or commercial premises and the piece missing is the sauna room. Whether it’s contemporary, traditional, wet, dry, infrared or a steam sauna combi, our UK design team can create a bespoke sauna room that is a picture of perfection.
With over 36 years of experience, Leisurequip have designed, built and installed all manner of bespoke wellness equipment. We work with high profile clients and businesses not just in the UK but all over the world. We have custom fitted hand-built bespoke saunas in luxury super-yachts, home basement spas and commercial premises such as hotels, wellness spas, gyms, fitness centres and more.

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Expertly crafted bespoke home saunas

There are some key differences between custom built, hand-made home saunas and their commercial counterpart. For example, domestic or home saunas may need to be child safe or be required to fit into a bathroom or similar small space.

Also, bespoke home saunas will generally have accessible sauna heater controls. These can be situated on the heater or as a control panel outside the sauna. Additionally, you may require a heater cover or a specific type of sauna heater with Thermosafe coating such as the Tylo Compact or Tylo Sense Pure.

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Expertly crafted bespoke home saunas

Bespoke commercial sauna layout

Working with your architect or designer

Leisurequip have decades of experience working directly with architects and commercial designers to create stunning bespoke saunas. We can work to any custom specifications or we can offer you a complete bespoke design solution.

Just send us your drawings and we will get to work on a custom sauna solution with updated drawings and guideline pricing to get the ball rolling. We will aim to perfectly capture your design requirements whilst keeping the overall costs to budget.

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Getting a bespoke commercial sauna

Having a commercial sauna bespoke built is generally a slightly different process than for domestic use. Firstly, with all commercial designs safety is a key factor, followed by accessibility, durability and size. For example, it will be important to restrict access to controls or to protect customers from accidental burning.

Leisurequip has over 36 years of experience designing and installing saunas for UK and global commercial clients such as hotels, wellness spas, gyms & fitness centres. As a result, we have more than enough experience and expertise to ensure every aspect of your bespoke commercial sauna is fully considered before it’s built.

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Getting a bespoke commercial sauna

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