• Luxury Home Sauna Fitted into Master Bathroom for London Client

Luxury Home Sauna Fitted into Master Bathroom for London Client

Leisurequip was recently contracted by ELGIN & ELLIS to fit a sauna into the mater bathroom for a London client. We provided a turnkey luxury home sauna bathing experience for a client in North London. The solution we supplied and fitted was the Tylo aspen Evolve E1712.

This excellent quality home sauna was fitted with a bronze DGL threshold-less entry glass sauna door plus compact Sense sport sauna heater from Tylo.

The luxury home sauna has aspen benches that are fitted as a double stack. They fit perfectly within the aspen pre-cut home sauna cabin which is prefabricated in Sweden.

The pre-fabricated home sauna fits together very so any diy sauna installation is kept simple. The luxury kits comes complete with comprehensively written and diagrammed instruction manual. Fitting the tylo sauna heater was a straight forward wire job.

It has a simple connection of a live, neutral and earth on to a 4.5kw rated supply cable that is RCD protected as standard.

Luxury home sauna additions

A separate lighting supply connects into the lighting driver for the LED lighting strips. These are concealed behind the aspen backrest, high and low benches for hot and warm sauna bathing.

This luxury home sauna ticks all the boxes and took just a single day to fit. You could be enjoying the health benefits of sauna bathing as all the Scandinavian countries experience on a daily basis within your own home.

Lesiurequip provide home sauna installation across the UK, So no matter how far you are or awkward the site is we know we can fit your dream home sauna for you. We have a complete range of luxury home saunas as well as catering for the commercial market. Choose from a massive range of Tylo saunas plus we can build steam rooms and saunas from any architectural design you supply us.

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Kenton Mann
Leisurequip was set up over 36 years ago by a skilled team with a background in construction. Today the company has direct links with Swedish Saunas manufacturer TylöHelo and its huge UK distribution centre in the west country.

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