Experience luxury spa therapy in our range of premium quality acrylic home spas

We offer a wide range of luxury acrylic spas for both home and commercial use. These are overflow spas and come in a range of sizes and shapes. These luxury acrylic spas are manufactured by Jacuzzi® as we are enthralled by their superior quality and many years of experience. The overflow spas below can be used in either home or commercial settings.

This product has been discontinued. Contact us as there will be a replacement.

Jacuzzi® Experience spa range

Alimia Experience

An exceptional spa, the circular Alimia Experience is a timeless icon of the spa world. It is exceptional comfortable and incredibly spacious with internal step and moulded seating. Each seating area also boasts its own customised hydromassage facility.

Additional features such submerged lighting, filtering system, safety grill and suction fittings make this an obvious choice people who enjoy intimacy and wellness in equal measure.

Sienna Experience

With all the knowledge of spa design crammed in, the Sienna Experience has quickly become an international favourite among spa lovers. It caters for even the most demanding hydromassage enthusiasts with innovative suction fittings, filtering systems underwater lighting and is easy to install in almost any environment.

Taking this further the robust nature and 15° slant of the grill means it is perfect for more extreme conditions such as installation on a yacht.

Virginia Experience

The latest addition to the Jacuzzi® range of luxury acrylic overflow spas, Virginia Experience is touted as a fusion of technical excellence and unequalled comfort. This makes it a global player in the international marketplace and is loved for its uniqueness everywhere. Brimming with detail, this incredibly spacious luxury acrylic spa is perfect for socialising and commercial settings.

It has all the usual design features such as submerged lighting, stainless steel jet fittings, suction fittings, filtering systems and the added extra of TechStone corners that can be used as shelves.

Typical acrylic spa features:

  • seats
  • jets
  • blowers
  • automatic water refilling
  • aromatherapy
  • multi-colour light system
  • ozone generator
  • spa pack and booster kit
  • speed pump
  • filter pump
  • external grid
  • performance kit – sand filter
  • heater (optional)
  • heat exchanger
  • complete drain
  • ozone generator (optional)

Types of jets

  • PowerPro® FX jets x 17 – Stimulates: shoulders, lower back, legs, feet
  • PowerPro® NX2 Jets x 8 – Stimulates: sensitive neck area
  • PowerPro® FX2 Spinner Jets x 5 – Stimulates: shoulders, back, hands & wrists, feet

Balance tanks

If you’re planning on getting yourself an overflow spa then you will have to have a balance tank to accompany it. The balance tank serves to contain the excess water that overflows at the top of your spa to ensure it doesn’t flood the surrounding area.