Bespoke spas + hot tubs

Uniquely designed luxury hydrotherapy spas & hot tubs, bespoke built for home and commercial uses

If you’re looking for an out of this world experience then our bespoke spas and hot tubs are exactly what you need. Our exceptionally talented craftsmen will nurture your idea into something extra special. We can work seamlessly with your designer or architect to bring your vision of the perfect luxury home or commercial spa to life. Everything from tiling, shape, depth and functionality can be fully customised.
We can also source rare materials such as marble and stone for that extra special finish. Looking for a finishing touch to your health spa, hotel or luxury home spa? If so then our bespoke spas are definitely the way to go. We’ve custom-made and installed bespoke hot tubs and spas for clients right across the UK, even as far as the Channel Islands. Get in touch today for a no-obligation consultation.

Choose from bespoke stainless steel or tiled spas

Bespoke stainless steel spas + hot tubs

We can design and manufacture your bespoke spa from high-grade stainless steel. This includes both skimmer and overflow spas. Stainless steel spas are durable, hygienic visually stunning.

The resistance to corrosion also helps inhibit bacteria and makes the spa much easier to clean and maintain. Our team of fabricators can work directly with your architect or propose a series of designs after an initial consultation.

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bespoke stainless steel spas

Custom made tiled spas + hot tubs

As well as our stunning range of tiled spas we also offer a bespoke service. Our custom made mosaic tiled spas can be built for both home or commercial purposes. All aspects of the spa can be tailor-made to your specifications including tile colours, water jets, size, shape and depth.

We can even custom build a bespoke swimspa. Most bespoke spas are overflow spas so you’ll need plenty of room for the balance tank aswell.

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bespoke tiled spas

Additional features of our bespoke hot tub and spa service

Initial consultation process

Once the initial deposit is received, a manufactures drawing will be produced. Alongside which a tile selection document, spa fitment & step positioning document is also produced.

The spa is then manufactured, delivered and jointed on site (if in more than one piece). The plant equipment is plumbed in and water tested.

Spa design process

The design process would start with a meeting to discuss your ideas, requirements and project constraints. A manufacturers drawing will be produced to bring the consultation process to life and make your design a reality.

This will then be sent to your architect or yourself for approval and/or modification. Once the design is agreed and signed off we’ll begin planning and logistics.


Choosing design features

When we bespoke build we can add water spouts, LED lighting, waterfalls and colour change LEDs. No they are completely bespoke apart from the choice of fitments.

We also ensure that the anticipated bathing load is covered by suitable equipment that can handle the load.

Getting your spa installed

Getting the spa into position is a very physical requirement. We may need as many as eight people on site to position the spa. Sectional installations take less. We advise that the area is well ventilated.

This is because of the adhesiv