• Eco Home Sauna for Client in Norfolk with Kastor Solid Fuel Wood Burning Heater

Eco Home Sauna for Client in Norfolk with Kastor Solid Fuel Wood Burning Heater

Leisurequip have installed a wonderful new eco home sauna in Norfolk for Ruth Mitchell and Chris Parr who run Admiral Tees in Lowestoft. The Kastor solid fuel wood burning heater and sauna give the finished room a real traditional and cosy feel.

Chris enjoys country life, water foul shooting in the fens at dawn or dusk on a freezing cold winter day. Returning home to their hot eco-friendly wood burning home sauna to blow the winter chills away. Their home has many eco features including a ground source heat pump central heating system.

Client testimonial

“Leisurequip built us an aspen sauna to house with a wood burning sauna stove. Although the job was delayed by over a year due to the main contract, Kenton honoured his original quotation. The on-site works were very efficiently carried out by Leisurequip, including on the job problem solving and work-arounds to help things along with no extras charged. On discovering one minor piece of work left undone by the main contractor, Kenton travelled back taking a day and some 400 mile round trip to ensure satisfaction and a complete job. Overall, a first class service.”

—Chris Parr | Admiral Tees

Client familiarity informed choice of Eco Home Sauna.

The Eco Home Sauna is made from blonde aspen panelling and framed in dark wood trims. The benches, skirting, backrest with concealed lights and armrest are all in matching luxury aspen.

To protect the sauna Leisurequip came up with an ingenious solution for fire protection of the stove area. We also designed a non-flammable area for the kastor wood burning heater to installed. The old bricks, polished granite hearth and sauna heater set the Eco Home Sauna focal point.[/fusion_builder_column]

The client is absolutely delighted with the finished installation. All of which was hand cut around two high level windows, letting loads of daylight into the room giving it a most definite Scandinavian look.

About the Author:

Kenton Mann
Leisurequip was set up over 36 years ago by a skilled team with a background in construction. Today the company has direct links with Swedish Saunas manufacturer TylöHelo and its huge UK distribution centre in the west country.

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