Leisurequip has been working with the prestigious Luxury Motor Yacht manufacturer Sunseeker International for many years. Recently we were contracted to hand build and install bespoke saunas onto a two luxury vessels. The new 30m super yacht was for a returning client who we had previously installed a cedar sauna into his first purchase from Sunseeker a Manhattan 63.

Leisurequip’s director Kenton Mann was asked to meet the client, his wife, the client representative and Sunseeker Germany. This took part at the purpose built client reception centre Sunseeker house.

Mix-and match aspen aesthetic

Leisurequip installed a bespoke luxury sauna onto a Sunseeker super yacht

Leisurequip installed a bespoke luxury sauna onto a Sunseeker super yacht

Wood samples where taken down of the latest Tylo sauna woods cedar, thermal treated aspen and blonde aspen. The client wanted to contrast the two aspen’s together using the dark thermal treated aspen and the blonde aspen.

It was decided that the benches (which were bespoke manufactured by Tylo AB Sweden) are to have a perimeter in dark thermal aspen consisting of the rear slat, front slat, ends and curved front with internal slats being blonde aspen.

Coloured fibre optic lighting

There are two sets of Tylo coloured fibre optic lighting within the ceiling which snakes across creating another relaxing treatment chromotherapy. The fibre optic’s can be frozen on a single colour, two different colours or be on automatic colour change.

There are also two bespoke port holes within the sauna which really sets a nautical theme to this luxury sauna installation. The floor finish is black polished granite which reflects the fibre optic lighting.

L-shaped sauna benches

There are two sauna benches an L shaped bench with arm rest end toward the Tylo sense SK 8kw sauna heater, ideal for pouring the water onto the coals. The second matching single bench opposite has a high level window which looks out to sea across the stern of the vessel.

For comfort the custom built sauna has two back-lit backrests. At the client’s request a grey tinted bespoke full glass fitted door which was manufacturer and installed by ion glass through Leisurequip.

The second bespoke sauna was on a Sunseeker 155 super yacht, Sunseeker’s magnificant flagship of the fleet and range luxury motor yachts. The hand built bespoke sauna in blonde aspen with white fibre optic ceiling and cream granite floor is situated on the inside of beach club deck on the low stern.

This majestic vessel is available for private hire charter and is based in the western Mediterranean. Sunseeker International are a global company and British manufacturer of the highest quality Luxury motor yachts.