Your wellness is our pleasure

Leisurequip was set up over 30 years ago by a skilled team with a background in construction. Today, the company has direct links with Swedish sauna manufacturer Tylö and its huge UK distribution centre in the west country. So we don’t mind where you are in the UK.

Leisurequip has also expanded into the design and build of bespoke treatment rooms for private home owners and leisure providers such as hotels and spas.

We regularly work with our client’s architects, planners, interior designers and building contractors. Our team works to high standards of craftmanship and our prices are said to be the most competitive on the market.

We are Swedish-manufacturer Tylö’s approved UK dealer-installer for their full range of saunas, steam rooms and everything in between. We also build and install treatment rooms for home or commercial spas. We pride ourselves on our diligent and specialised service.

“Golden Coast Ltd is the Tylo’s Certified Distributor for the UK and Northern Ireland and has had a long standing working relationship with Leisurequip Ltd, spanning a period of some 28 years. In this time with the co-operation Leisurequip Ltd we have established Tylo as the pre-eminent sauna and steam room brand. This has only been achieved by a combination of mutual trust and understanding. This has enabled both companies to take a long term view of the market ensuring we continually maintain the brands position by meeting customer and market demands.”


Company history

My father Edward Mann (Eddie) became involved in the 60’s with the swimming pool leisure industry and ran Swimming Pool Construction a large commercial pool construction company that installed pools from the isle of sky municipal pool to Eton College, Lady Eleanor Holles School and Shell oil’s Lensbury Club.

Eddie worked closely with Mike Payne (Mike Payne Pool Supplies) who ran Swimming Pool Filtration Ltd (Swimquip) and Stanwell Filtration Ltd in association with Mike Braid in the same premises.

Dad had always wanted to run his own company, so in 1982 to Leisurequip was formed and registered, it started as a small local pool company maintaining and building small pools in our local vicinity, my mother was company secretary and me (Kenton Mann) as a sitting registered director.

My father in the early 80’s visited the Leisure Industry Week and Ideal Homes exhibitions as he kept up with the latest products, this is when first contact in the UK was made with Sven-Olof Janson  the Founder of Tylö AB Sweden who was looking for companies to import his sauna and steam products to the UK.

My father invited him over to Leisurequip and l remember them in the garden discussing business. To import from Sweden was a difficult process in those days with no emails, computers, mobiles or tablets. So it was bills of lading, international bank drafts and all was done through a telex service bureau in the nearest connected town Farnham.

The then PG Group (Certikin now) and Golden Coast Swimming pools also saw the potential for the expansion of the Tylö range into a blossoming UK wellness market and became appointed importers as well shortly afterwards.

Sadly in 1985 after establishing the Tylö importer status my father suffered a heart attack and died a few days later. As his eldest son l chose to leave my contracts manager’s career with a Military Term contract construction company and wanted to continue to run Leisurequip.

This gave stability to my mother and my younger brothers, as mum would not have to sell the family home. I was advised by the lawyers dealing with my father’s estate at 21 years old with no experience of pools, saunas or steam rooms that it could be catastrophic and advised me not to.

Mum had full confidence in my ability and here we are today 30 years odd later the leading sauna and steam room company in the UK, a true life sink or swim story. My mum Lynda Mann now in her early 70’s still runs all the accounts, admin and answers the phones when l am on-site. Leisurequip also was awarded “Tylö’s Most Prestigious Contacts Award 2008” which we still hold today.

PG Group changed to today’s Certikin International – trade supplier of pool and wellness products,  moved away from Tylö when they developed their own range of saunas and steam rooms.

David and Shaun Adams (Father and Son) from Golden Coast had large warehousing and Tylö wanted to streamline the supply chain, so Golden Coast became the sole importer certified Tylö distributor to the UK who holds a large stock of the Tylö products and spares.

Leisurequip now today are the only Tylö Trademark approved dealer-installer in the UK and work closely with Tylö and Golden Coast in promoting expanding the Tylö brand. Leisurequip offer full on-site technical assistance and after sales service to all of our customers.

We continue to develop and keep abreast of latest trends to produce the stunning high quality and inspirational rooms our clients demand.